Commercial & Industrial

COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL (Budget £10k – £4 mil)

Finding a cutting edge and reliable contractor who is cost to effective who maxizmes your potential space for growth when your business requires new premises or a refurbishment is vital. That’s why Braithwaite Fit Out is the contractor of choice for many companies and large commercial landlords who need flexible working space who require a full turnkey solution.

Our industrial developments often require high specification plant, offices and meeting space, while our commercial clients may need a flexible combination of high end offices, hi-tech warehousing as well as showrooms.

Whatever the company’s operations, having the right working environment is key to maximizing business success. Braithwaite Fit Out works closely with construction and design consultants to produce the highest quality commercial and industrial buildings.

Whether procured through a traditional or design & build contract, we create premises that are tailor-made for efficiency and value. Through skilful project management we make sure it’s an easier process through design and construction for all clients and making sure our objective is always hit client satisfaction.

Braithwaite Fitout

Commercial & Industrial