Lidl UK Blackpool

Braithwaite Group were appointed by Lidl UK, to construct a new purpose built 20,000 sq ft store in Blackpool.

The scheme included a major sewer diversion that required sheet piling, due to the depths of the new sewer. Braithwaite Group were working at depths of 9m below ground during these works. The sewer diversion spanned 85 lineal metres over the site.

Braithwaite Group had to work closely with Blackpool City Council in order to facilitate the repositioning of existing services, as well as the existing foul drainage systems, while ensuring there was no disruption to the major road that runs parallel to the site.

The works carried out were the following:

  • Steel pile foundations
  • Steel portal frame
  • Kingspan composite roof and Alucabond wall cladding
  • New shop front
  • New Tarmac car park
  • Full external render
  • Complete internal fit out to turnkey status

The project was completed on time and within budget.

Due to the constant quality of workmanship based on every aspect of each individual project across all sectors and competitive tendering, Braithwaite Group is now one of the fastest growing construction companies in the UK.

Our Principles


Our main priority at Braithwaite Group is always to meet client satisfaction. With outstanding procurement, design and management, our projects are delivered on time and within budget whilst meeting all environment and social requirements.


Health and safety is an ever evolving and improving sector, Braithwaite Group are proud to helping push and improve this requirement within our business and further afield. We invest heavily in new technology and procurements to ensure we uphold our own high standards of care.

Environmental and Social

Braithwaite Group invests time and effort to put back into the local communities and influences ways to encourage support for local charities to ensure it looks after its social and environmental responsibility. Braithwaite Group is proud to help support such incredible charities such as Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Marina Daglish Foundation.

Performance and improvements

At Braithwaite Group we are constantly evolving our processes and strive to improve our end to end service to ensure satisfaction is met on every project, every day.

Quality Control

Braithwaite Group ensures high quality control management in facilitating and delivering the best outcome for our clients. Excellence in quality management across all of our projects is paramount and is a reason why Braithwaite Group remain competitive and successful with a loyal client base.


We invest in our people to create outstanding customer partnerships that ensures we deliver outcomes time and time again that we can all be proud of. Because your success ensures ours.